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Welcome to Top of the Mat, a vibrant, professional community exclusively for yoga teachers and business owners.  Through workshops, digital content and our blog, Top of the Mat aims to help yoga teachers reach their fullest potential in the vastly expanding opportunities opening up for yoga professionals.  Our goal is to arm teachers with the tools to create sustainable careers through intentional marketing and business building strategies, and to help studios refine their marketing techniques to more effectively reach potential students.  In essence, our mission is to help yoga teachers and studios build strong foundations that will support a long-lasting yoga career.

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  • Grace
    Embarking on the yoga journey was slow for me. I just didn't get it and I didn't want to go – and yet people kept saying “Grace I know you would love it.” So finally when a friend asked me to come to a private class on her dock, I went. I had been to a few yoga classes before but when I sat in my not-so-comfortable seated position and Laura started speaking, the hardness and tension started to melt. I felt like I had been transported. My body was stiff and angry, I struggled with the postures but somehow I felt like I just needed to keep moving through it. I always feel calm and comfortable in Laura’s classes, even when we are working our butts off. What she was able to do for me, ground me and get me centered gave me the desire to want to provide that for others. Laura is the reason I took my yoga teacher training – her presence is powerful, and her encouragement is steadfast. She showed me how one person can make such a huge community difference in the individual lives of everyday people and I wanted to be a part of that. Her passion for yoga and affecting the lives of others is a rare and beautiful gem!

    Grace Edison / Algra Yoga /

  • Dana Skoglund
    Working with Shauna was a delight—she is personable and professional.  She gave me amazing insights into myself, identified my strengths (some that I didn't even realize that I had), and together we created an excellent marketing campaign that fully embodies who I am as a teacher and person.  I highly recommend Shauna to anyone seeking to boost their business. Dana Skoglund, Yoga Instructor  

    Dana Skoglund / Dana Skoglund Yoga /

  • Greg Redman
    Shauna and Laura are two incredibly enthusiastic yoga instructors, who are natural teachers. They incorporate lots of humour and fun into their yoga practice sessions, creating a relaxed and inspiring learning environment. They are constantly engaged in continuing-education training, and it shows in their knowledge of the body. This knowledge is demonstrated in each instructor’s effective cueing and explanation during the practice, enabling each student to safely get more out of their personal practice. We highly recommend an integration of yoga into the lives of our patients to enable them to manage their injuries. Laura and Shauna are two gifted instructors that we have a huge amount of trust and respect for in the yoga community. Greg Redman, Owner, Wave Physiotherapy Kelowna, BC

    Greg Redman / Wave Physiotherapy /

  • chelsea
    I accredit Shauna with the ease of creating my vision. Not to say it was easy but with Shauna's guidance and advice I was able to take an idea and turn it into a company. I was so lucky to have had her on my side, I knew nothing about marketing and branding and would have been lost. Shauna set me up with the right tools and people to make it as seamless as possible, in fact there is a good chance I would have given up on it if I had not had her skills and knowledge to guide me as I went. I still check in and brainstorm with her now and then as her experience is vast and her ability to see my vision is remarkable. Chelsea Ray Founder, Yoga Warehouse

    Chelsea Ray / Yoga Warehouse /